Band Box Shuffle

Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra

Feat. Eddie Durham

This recording was produced in Chicago on October 23rd 1929 featuring Bennie Moten director, Booker T. Washington and Ed Lewis trumpets, Thamon Hayes trombone, Woody Walder clarinet & soprano sax, Harlan Leonard clarinet, alto, & soprano sax, Jack Washington clarinet & baritone sax, Ira ‘Buster’ Moten accordion, Count Basie piano, Eddie Durham guitar, Vernon Page tuba, and Willie McWashington drums.

*”Band Box Shuffle” was written by Bennie Moten and William Basie.

Featuring the revolutionary guitar styling of Eddie Durham this arrangement is also unique for the band’s use of pyramid chords for a whole chorus, an impressive orchestral effect that came and went and was out of trend by the end of 1929.

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