Film Vodvil

Cootie Williams and his Orchestra

1943 footage

This footage featuring Cootie Williams and his Orchestra is from the Columbia Pictures series of “Film Vodvil” shorts, this one was filmed in New York City in mid June, 1943.

The Orchestra consists of with Cootie Williams, Louis Bacon, Ermit V. Perry, and Frank “Fat Man” Humphries, trumpets; Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson alto sax and vocals; Laurel Watson, vocals; Ed Burke, Jonas Walker, and Bob Horton, trombones; Charles Holmes, alto sax; Sam “The Man” Taylor, and Lee Pope, tenor sax; Greely Walton, baritone sax; Fletcher Smith, piano; Norman Keenan, string bass; George “Butch” Ballard, drums.

*The tunes performed include “Let’s Keep On Jumping,” “Get hep, and “Giddap Mule” with performances by the tap dancing Douglas Brothers, singer Laurel Watson, and The Lindy Hoppers, Leon James and Dottie Mae Johnson; Russell Williams and Connie Hill.

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