Jammin’ The Blues

Lester Young and Friends


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“Jammin’ the Blues” is a 1944 short in which several prominent jazz musicians get together for a rare filmed jam session, including a spectacular rendition of the song “On the Sunny Side of the Street.”

It features Lester Young, alto sax; Red Callender and John Simmons, bass; Harry Edison, trumpet; Marlowe Morris and Garland Finney, piano; Sid Catlett and Jo Jones, drums; Barney Kessel, guitar; Illinois Jacquet, tenor sax; and Marie Bryant, vocals.

For some, this is their only known appearance in a theatrical film. Barney Kessel is the only white performer in the film, seated in the shadows to shade his skin, and for closeups his hands were stained with berry juice.

For the grand finale legendary Jitterbugs Marie Bryant and Archie Savage dance the Lindy Hop.

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