Sassin’ The Boss

Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra

August 2, 1939

This record was made in New York City on August 2, 1939 with Jimmie Lunceford, director; Eddie Tompkins, Paul Webster, and Sy Oliver or Gerald Wilson, trumpets; Russell Bowles, Elmer Crumbley, Trummy Young, trombones; Willie Smith, clarinet alto sax & vocals; Ted Buckner, clarinet, alto, & baritone sax; Dan Grissom, alto sax; Earl Carruthers, barinone sax; Edwin Wilcox, piano; Al Norris, guitar & violin; Moses Allen, bass; and Jimmy Crawford, drums.

It is definitely Willie Smith singing this, not Dan Grissom. The band exclaims in unison Willie, Willie, come on, boy, you’re late for work!” right before his vocal. To verify, just listen to his vocal on “Rhythm is Our Business”. Same voice. Incidentally, this is Gerald Wilson’s first recorded trumpet solo (growl style) with Lunceford, or for that matter, anyone! -Dan Weinstein

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