Christopher Columbus

Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra

1936  recording

This recording was made by Fletcher Henderson Orchestra in Chicago on March 27, 1936 featuring Fletcher Henderson (director), Dick Vance, Joe Thomas, and Roy Eldridge (trumpets), Fernando Arbello & Ed Cuffee (trombones), Buster Bailey (clarinet & alto sax) Scoops Carey (alto sax) Elmer Williams and Chu Berry (tenor sax), Horace Henderson (piano), Bob Lessey (guitar), John Kirby (string bass), and Sid Catlett (drums).

*”Christopher Columbus”, was composed by tenor saxophonist ‘Chu’ Berry with lyrics by Andy Razaf and would become one of the most popular riff tunes from the swing Era.

*It would also prove to be the last important hit recording for the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra.

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