Shakin’ The Africann

Don Redman and his Orchestra

Spetember 24, 1931

Recorded in New York City on Spetember 24, 1931 featuring Leonard Davis, Langston Curl, and Henry “Red” Allen (trumpets), Claude Jones, Fred Robinson, and Benny Morton (trombones), Edward Engle and Rupert Cole (clarinet & alto sax), Don Redman (alto sax & vocals), Robert Carroll (tenor sax), Horace Henderson (piano & arranger), Manzie Johnson (violin), Talcott Reeves (banjo & guitar), and Bob Ysaguirre (bass).

*”Shakin’ The Africann” was written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler.

Bored by sweet dance music Don Redman takes a stand for hot jazz in New York.

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