Smash Your Baggage

Smalls Paradise Entertainers

1932 clip

In this 1932 Vitaphone short a group of redcaps perform musical numbers in a train station to raise money for a sick member of their group.

Included in the cast are Wayman Carver, Sidney Catlett, Leonard Davis, Dick Fulbright, Otto Hardwick, Rod Harlan, Don Kirkpatrick, Al Sears, Elmer Snowden, George Washington, Dicky Wells, Roy Eldridge, Carrie Marrier, Lew Payton, Doris Rubboton, Mabel Scott, Emmett ‘Babe’ Wallace, and Rubberlegs Williams.

*Small’s Paradise was a large basement club opened by Ed Small on October 22, 1925. The club was located at 2294½ Seventh Avenue in New York City near 135th Street, and featured a big band and floor shows. Many of the musicians presented here were part of the regular line up of entertainers there.

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