Well, Git It

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra feat. Jimmy Dorsey

1950’s clip

Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey perform Well, Git It with their Orchestra featuring Ziggy Elman on trumpet, and Buddy Rich on drums in this clip filmed during the early 1950’s.

“Well, Git It” was composed by Tommy Dorsey.

*After Jimmy Dorsey’s Orchestra dibanded in 1953 his brother Tommy invited him to join his Band as a feature attraction and a short while later, Tommy renamed the band the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra featuring Jimmy Dorsey.

*In 1953, the Dorseys focused their attention on television. On December 26, 1953, the brothers appeared with their Orchestra on Jackie Gleason’s CBS television show, which was preserved on kinescope and later released on home video by Gleason. The brothers then took the unit on tour and even stared in their own television series “Stage Show” from 1955 to 1956.

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