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Chile & Beans O’Vootee

Chile & Beans O’Vootee Slim Gaillard Filmed in 1948 Gaillard frequently opened for artists like Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker.Like Dizzy Gillespie he loved to joke around, but like Dizzy there was nothing...

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The Amazing Slim Gaillard

The Amazing Slim Gaillard “Slim Gaillard’s Civilization” A four-part BBC documentary Here’s the story.Born in Cuba in 1916, Gaillard went to sea with his dad at 12 and got stranded alone on the island of...

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Bongo Cito

Bongo Cito Slim Gaillard Bongo-rooney! Singer, pianist, guitarist, percussionist, song writer, and bandleader Slim Gaillard may be the most underestimated musician in jazz.A comic entertainer, he also had amazing chops –...

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Spanish Melody And Swing

Spanish Melody And Swing Slim Gaillard Trio 1948 clip This film segment is an excerpt from the 1948 short, “O’Voutie O’Rooney” featuring Slim Gaillard and his trio comprised of Slim Gaillard, guitar and...

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Atomic Cocktail

Atomic Cocktail Slim Gaillard Quartet 1945 recording This recording was made in 1945 by the “Slim Gaillard Quartet” consisting of Slim Gaillard, guitar and vocal; Dodo Marmarosa, piano; ‘Bam’ Brown, bass;...

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Dunkin’ Bagel

Dunkin’ Bagel Slim Gaillard Trio 1940’s film This footage is taken from the late 1940’s film short “O’Voutie O’Rooney” staring the “Slim Gaillard Trio” with Slim Gaillard,...

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Cement Mixer

Cement Mixer Slim Gaillard 1950’s Click here if you have a memory of this artist that you’d like to shareIn this footage, filmed at an appearance during the late 1950’s, Slim Gaillard demonstrates his wide...

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