Lime House Blues

Cliff Jackson

Recorded in New York in 1944

Pianist Cliff Jackson was born on July 19, 1902 in Culpeper, Virginia.

He moved to New York in 1923 as stride style piano, pioneered by James P. Johnson and Fats Waller, began to gain popularity.

Jackson made a name for himself playing stride around New York through the ‘60s.

Working mainly as a soloist in New York jazz clubs following the break up of his “Krazy Kats” band during the early 1930s, Cliff Jackson appeared on record with Sidney Bechet in 1940 and ’41.

Among a number of solo recordings he made during the mid-1940 is this unforgettable performance of “Lime House Blues.”

Here Cliff begins with a moderate boogie which builds to become an amazing piece of stride piano artistry by about half way through.

Recorded by Cliff Jackson (piano) in New York in 1944.

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